Meet Chef Truss.

Chef and Owner Mike Truss has had lifelong ties to the "field fresh" culinary concept. In his youth, he spent a good amount of time on his grandfather’s local vegetable farm. The farm, called Truss Farm located on Pine St in Plantsville, had 5 greenhouses and produced 5000 pepper plants, 5000 tomato plants, as well as dozens of other plant varieties. In his youth, Chef Mike would help his grandfather with prepping fields, maintaining buildings, growing seedlings, planting, picking, and delivering veggies and flowers. Thanks to these early experiences, Truss has carried a deep and personal appreciation and understanding of the labors that go into quality produce.

After graduating high school, Truss went to Newbury College in Massachusetts and received a degree in the culinary arts. He continued to pursue his passion after college, and worked under some of the most talented chefs in Boston. He then relocated to Sonoma California where he worked for some time as a banquet chef. Here he solidified his culinary focus on the relationship between farmer and chef. This decade long journey resulted in exquisite, local, responsibly sourced catering and cuisine.

Truss returned home in 2004 and worked as an executive chef at over a half dozen reputable restaurants in the state. When an opportunity arose, he purchased the Plantsville Napoli Deli franchise, and brought his own twist to the classic Italian deli.

Now Truss is taking his second dive into restaurant ownership with Craft Kitchen. He plans to replicate the classics of lunch, pizza, dinner, and catering with a “field fresh”, “cooked from scratch” philosophy.